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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

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Frank Giesen

Founder of Pro CTC, Neurologist

Frank Giesen founded Pro-CTC in 2017 to devote his deep knowledge and extensive experience to achieving excellence and the highest quality in clinical trials.

Prior to establishing Pro-CTC, Frank Giesen worked at the French pharmaceutical company Servier for eleven years, holding various international positions in R&D, since 2011 in the capacity of head of department for clinical studies in Central Europe, focused on haematology and oncology. During his time at Servier he successfully completed clinical trials in various neuropsychiatric indications, such as stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and general anxiety disorder, as well as oncological and paediatric trials. Frank Giesen is fully trained as a coach and in further motivation enhancement techniques. He is fluent in English and French.

In 2005 Frank Giesen left the German army as a major and field physician neurologist after twenty years of service. His last position was as house consultant neurologist at the German army hospital in Hamburg. He was trained and board certified as a neurologist at the German army hospital in Ulm and the university hospital in Ulm. During his military term he served in different national and international deployments. He studied human medicine at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf and the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, where he earned his degree.

As part of his charitable efforts, he engages in the Open.Med-Projekt of Ärzte der Welt. Frank Giesen lives with his wife and three children in Landsberg, Germany.

Competent counselling, individual actions

Before starting a trial:
  • Profound and realistic deep feasibility analysis for all countries, sustainable identification of key opinion leaders (KOL) and reliable study centres for the particular study
  • Conception of clinical study protocols in close collaboration with identified key opinion leaders
  • Advanced, goal-oriented, thorough study management
  • Identification of suitable service providers
  • Guidance, conception and evaluation of invitations to tender
  • Support in negotiations with different service providers
  • Preparation and submission and follow-up on clinical trial documents to competent authorities and ethics committees
  • Support in negotiations and defence of the applications in front of the EC or CA
  • Supporting, planning and supervision of your pharmacovigilance systems
  • Motivation and training of study centres
During the study:
  • Experienced, goal-oriented, uncompromising study management
  • Organisation of investigator meetings
  • Medical training of study centres and medical staff
  • Control of recruitment efficacy
  • Development of customized, efficient measures to improve recruitment
  • Performance of medical review of data
  • Advisory and support of pharmacovigilance
  • Detection of serious breach and development of efficient handling systems
  • Pre-audit und pre-inspections trainings of study centres
  • Motivation and training of study centres
After the study:
  • Organization of timely close-out visits
  • Supervision of destruction of IMPs
  • In-depth medical review and blind review of data
  • Supervision of fulfilment of administrative obligations at study end
  • Design of communication strategy of study results
  • Early conception of advisory boards
And more:
  • Scientific and medical training of staff
  • GCP, ICH, PV training
  • Coaching
  • Individual burnout prevention training
  • Team building
  • Leadership training
  • Presentation skills and speaking in public training
  • Communication training

Competent counselling, inventing individual actions, enhancing quality, achieving highest safety

Frank Giesen
Von-Eichendorff-Str. 7
86899 Landsberg am Lech
Phone:  + 49 8191 979 8438
Fax: + 49 8191 979 9219
Mobil: +49 170 30 80 413

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